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The fight is on

Another Sunday to continue our campaign to win the League. A cold one today but a beautiful clear sunny sky as Phoenix took on the mighty Birstall Utd at home.

Feeling a little too confident going into the first half, we mounted a flurry of attacks with shots being fired from all sides, I suppose we were a little unfortunate not to hit a couple home in the first half.

Let us not underestimate Birstall, they were a tough team and worked hard trying to control the pace of the game but tactically they were playing the long ball game due to height and speed of their forwards.

At half time a little change of tact and we came out playing a higher line and passed at a faster pace.

Once again the second half gave us a different Phoenix more battling and a lot more movement off the ball.

2 mins into the second half and Finn bagged his first from a corner from Siyam.

Another five minutes later and another corner with the box being flooded with Phoenix players it led to an own goal off the back of a defender. Twenty five minutes in and lovely break from the back led Billy coming in off the right wing to get an assist for Finn to hit home his second of the game.

A further flurry of attacks led to a penalty being awarded to us.

Cameron and Lucas insisted that Harvey our resident goalkeeper step up to the plate. Harvey an x-player of Birstall Utd was happy to bury one home against his old club and show he's happy, respected and at home here at Phoenix.

4 nil win at full time leaving our boys happy and hungry to continue their battle for the League title, with 6 games to go and sitting second in the league with two games in hand.

Defensively one little stumble early on but a little luck and good goalkeeping held the clean sheet.

Cam, Lucas, Tom and Aj battled away well, some good breaks through and good stern clearances.

Midfield consisting of Evan, Finn and Siyam seem to be developing more and positional play is developing well as a trio.

We can see pockets of relationships forming between midfield and forwards.

Upfront a lot of runs being made and crosses in helped keep the battle and pressure on constantly, good work from Billy, Olly, Jack and Mass, even Tom pushed through as the wingback to help ply the pressure.

These boys were all little unfortunate not to bag a few more goals and not through the lack of trying, good goalkeeping, a crossbar and post that seemed to be against them today.

Man of the match goes to Finn today, a good solid work ethic, good comunication with others that showed in his attitude and goals scored.

All in all a good solid performance, especially in the second half from all the team, they worked hard, passed and showed good movement.

You can see the relationships are developing and partnerships are starting to form.

I was particularly impressed by Cameron and Lucas on insisting Harvey take the penalty and then covering the goal while he took it. Showed a good camaraderie between them and a little bit of "Av that" for Harvey.

Well done boys always proud when you work hard.

Thankyou all for participating in the silent football game today, not as easy as it seems.

Well done and thanks to Danny for running the line.

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