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Fun Awards

As the football season of 2023/24 comes to a close, Loughborough Phoenix FC once again ended the season with an Awards and fun day celebration.

We had an exciting day of parents vs children across the age groups in a couple of exciting matches that showed some dominance from the teams. Sad to say the parents did not achieve a win, however, they successfully came away with a few pulled muscles and bruised egos, haha.

As usual, we had a big family picnic and drinks for all to enjoy in the lovely summer sun on Towles Field. It was wonderful to see so many of the parents and children turn out for this day. The Ice cream man was there to cool down many a parent and of course the children too. The raffle did very well for us, raising a nice amount to put towards some new equipment for the children. Presentations, on the other hand, did not go quite to plan as unfortunately they were stuck out for delivery and still hadn't arrived yet, good old Royal Mail first class. We will be giving out the gifts at the next training session.

This however did not stop some of the awards. Loughborough Phoenix Galacticos Under 14's successfully won their League and were presented the League shield.

Loughborough Phoenix FC Under 15's successfully came runners up in the League and also runners up in the Chairman's Cup.

The Shield and Medals were awarded to our club sponsor Gareth Jones of Radius Vehicle Solutions, who incidently confirmed another sponsorship package deal with the club for the next two seasons.

I can honestly say it has been one of the most successful years for our team players since we first began.

The main reason for my view on this is the individual player and team development across the board has been brilliant to see.

The Junior team has been very much a development squad this past season and they have grown to play together and nurture relationships on the field resulting in some good wins over the season, equally, there have been times when the team was tested and results didn't go their way but the team overcame this and progressed forward. This season with a few new recruits coming on board to help strengthen our squad up ready for transitioning towards 9 aside football with offsides coming into play as well.

The Galacticos performed well this season walking away with the division title, they have worked hard and had a few losses of players over the season, through illness and major injuries, but through it all, they have kept united and kept the fighting spirit of Phoenix very much alive.

The Senior boys again have surpassed themselves in fight and dedication to the Club. Runners up in the Chairman's cup and runners up in their league, which is a major achievement in what was a difficult League, they successfully achieved this without a goalkeeper and maintained 10 games run without defeat.

I can only express how proud I am of all the children that are a part of this club, they have shown great work in their progression this season.

  • This season 2024/25 coming up, we as a club have successfully achieved a Grant of £4500 from the Football Foundation towards new goalposts for all three teams.

  • We have also successfully been granted a sponsorship package from Radius Vehicle Solutions for all new kit packages for all the Phoenix teams valued up to £5000.

  • We have successfully achieved a fourth year of maintaining our training fees for the next 12 months.

  • We as a club are in negotiations to develop pathways with top-level academies ranging from Leicester City to Nottingham Forrest.

  • For the new season 2024/25 we are in three different Leagues, LFSL, LYFL and LJFL, paperwork nightmare but doable. I look forward to watching our teams succeed and bring some silverware home.

I would like to thank all involved at the Club. Ikki, Gus and Naz who run the Under 14's. Matt and Andy who have put in alot of time and effort with the U10's . I would also like to thank Kully for her work on Safeguarding and a big thank you to some of our parents, Mo, Danny and Marie who have stepped up to be linesman/women. (Apologies if I have missed anyone)

Lastly I would like to thank every parent for all their support and help they have given to the Phoenix club to progress.

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