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Phoenix are back!

Hi to all our followers the blog is back!

After a little background maintenance we shall be getting the team news blogs are back underway.

Frosty start to the day this morning, with a crisp chill in the air. Phoenix took to the field with a shiver of cold and a want to win against Braunstone Athletic .

2 minutes in and a little error saw us go down a goal without the opposition breaking a sweat.

A little nervous yet determined we battled on with a flurry of attempts on goal, to be honest I can't even count how many attempts we had, but we just couldn't manage to get the ball over the line, it was either a great save from their goalkeeper or sheer mass of bodies behind the ball from Braunstone.

Half time came a long and a little pep talk on how our style of play and holding our shape would pay dividends.

Within 2 minutes of the second half Olly H bagged his first of the day, another 3 minutes and Tom got a his first of the day.

Once again we dominated the play but were met with a succession of fine saves and shrewd defensive work by Braunstone.

A little jig around of formation and positions by Phoenix and we found a solid shape in midfield with Evan, Jack and Siyam and Olly S holding a firm yet more aggressive foothold in the game.

Aiden made a few great saves and I mean a few, could have sworn he was sitting down having a cup of tea with the little work he had to do.

Wing backs Matty and Tom pushed up further to help close the gap from midfield and defenders Cam and Lucas, who seemed to meet any attacks with confidence and ease.

Upfront a trio of Fin on the right-wing Olly H striker and Mass on the left-wing meant there was a good spread across the field and not all one sided, which left the space for midfielders to fit in-between to form an attacking front line of five.

Got to say there was some excellent challenges and good closing down of play leading to another two goals from Olly H and completing his first hattrick for Phoenix.

All in all a great 4-1 victory for us against an opposition who were aggressive at times, but handled well in the end by the boys.

It now leaves us sitting 4 in the League with 3 games in Hand and all to play for.

Special thanks to Aiden and Tom stepping up to play the goalkeeper role and doing a good job at that, also a well done to Olly H who has been awarded Man of the Match for entering into a new team/league and hitting the ground running bagging five goals in two games.

Next week see's the boys playing Away in the County Cup against Borough Alliance Panthers in the 3rd Round.

Huge thanks to parents supporting today, I am aware how cold it can be standing still for the duration of the game. Big thanks to Mo for being referee and Nas for running the line.

well done everyone #phoenixfightingarmy

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