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Fighting till the end.

A beautiful sunny Sunday morning today. With the boys facing Birstall Utd at our Home ground Towles field.

This was a game we needed to win to finish top or runners-up in the League.

The boys were aware of what was expected and battled hard, I would say we certainly had the majority of the play, but were unfortunate to go two down after 15 minutes.

I could see they were not fazed by this as I believe they knew they had the edge on the opposition regardless of the score so far. Thirty minutes in, a break from Tom through the middle to the edge of the box laying a pass through to Mass to take it past the defender and Meg the goalkeeperacross with a belter.

Half time came and to be fair my team talk was simple, keep up the good work and keep plugging away and you will score.

Ten minutes into the second half and another run by Tom accross the middle pushing the ball out to the edge of the box to find Olly who hammered home a belter of a shot leaving the goalkeeper dead in his tracks. A wonderful moment as this is Olly's debut goal for the team and himself in League football.

Today's match was an end-to-end battle and some hard work was done by defenders and midfielders. Tom, Cam, Aiden and Lucas were formidable in their defending, hard tackling and strong clearances. In goal Harvey made many a good save and showed no fear, he is improving week after week.

Midfielders Evan, Finn Aj and Siyam worked hard to gain control and certainly did their bit to feed through ball after ball. They tackled battled and made some amazing runs.

Upfront Jack, Mass, Dan, Billy and Olly all had multiple attempts on goal and were unlucky against a talented goalkeeper, but full respect in trying to create chances from nothing, great pressure work.

As I said it was a hell of a battle and a little heated at times, on and off the field. We had the major share of the play and seemed to want the win that little more.

A little heated at the end with some unacceptable remarks towards the boys made by the opposition, however, Today we remained cool in the end and it didn't escalate too much.

I am proud of the team's achievement and regardless of coming 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th, we have developed loads this season and our style of play is getting better week after week.

Todays Man of the Match goes to Lucas, he was outstanding today brave, forceful and switched on, he seemed to bulldoze everything and anything running with the ball.

Well done to Today'sall involved, Linesman and Coaches. Special thanks to our parent fan base, today I heard the cheering on of the team and the two goals were cheered so loud I thought we were in a stadium.

Thank you and keep up the fight. #phoenixarmyrising

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