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So it begins!

Welcome to the new 2020/21 football season, together with the new season we have a new website to boot, (haha pun intended).

Although not the start the Phoenix teams wanted, we saw some excellent play from all the boys. they showed some excellent individual play and some good passing in play. I am sure with a little fine tuning we can improve and get the results they deserve.

We have a lot to develop on and a lot of talent that needs nurturing, but over the forthcoming weeks they will develop more.

We must remember in their defense, they have not had any game play for over six months which can leave them feeling a little rusty and lack of stamina but again this will come over the forthcoming weeks.

Don't forget to signup to our new website, also let the players sign up to their own private chat forum (players only, monitored site) where they can share pics, videos and chat.

Any input to help improve or add new ideas to the site are welcome..

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