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Phoenix Rise Again after Long Covid break.

On this beautiful sunny spring morning, today saw Loughborough Phoenix rising and battling for victory against Harborough Town.

The game started with a minutes silence in respect to HRH Prince Philip's recent death.

As the whistle blew Phoenix led with a barage of attacks leading to Finn dribbling by two players for a little pass accross the goal mouth for Dan to cheekily back heel our first goal.

We certainly had the main posession with multiple shots on goal, we struggled to score showing the Covid break had left our play a little more rusty than we thought.

The second half saw Harborough attacking more, leading to their first goal from a counter attack.

Five minutes later from an attack on goal from us we conceeded a free kick at the edge of their penalty area, Unaware of if it was for us or them, our players were looking at the referee for a decision. But one of there players swiftly took the kick passing it forward to which they scored as the whole team looked on in disbelief thinking he was just messing around, the goal stood leaving us feeling very despondent with only five minutes to go and trailing 2-1

I shouted accross to the boys, it is what it is, we are the better team lets get one back to at least get a draw.

Well the boys did what they do best. They hustled and led a barrage of attacks leading to an equaliser from Finn on the 56th minute.

Once again we closed them down and continued the pressure that led to a 25yard shot from Evan to hammer home a beautiful shot in the top corner in the last minute of the game securing another win in our title fight.

We are currently Lying in third position, 4 points behind the leaders with 3 games in hand.

Today I saw the boys play some lovely football and some great link up play.

We have struggled being off with Covid but we showed we have retained our fighting spirit.

Thankyou boys, you always leave me feeling proud and honoured to manage you.

A massive well done to Rocco for some outstanding saves.

Great defensive play and covering from Matty, Cam, Tom, Mass and AJ.

Once again lots of battling and link up play from Evan, Finn, Osayd and Charlie

Finally some great runs and attempts on goal from our lone striker Dan.

Well done boys keep the flight of the Phoenix going.

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