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New Season Preperations

Big push on the new season preparations are underway here at Phoenix and lots going on behind the scenes. We have just secured a New kit deal worth thousands where each Club Team player will receive Full Matchday Kit, Training Shirt, Tracksuit and Rain Mack, all with the Club Emblem and Sponsors logo and its free to each team player which is more than a lot of local teams are offering without a parent contribution, this is all with great thanks to our Club Sponsor Gareth Jones of Radius Vehicle Solutions. ( see our website for more information about Radius Vehicle Solutions).

We have also revamped our website so all the match information and League stats can be found at a click. you will find all Club forms, Kit shop, Safeguarding Information and much more. please register to be a member so we can continually use your input to help improve the service we provide. Visit us at

Also we have invested funds in new Ball stop nets, these are being installed to help us stop losing all the precious footballs over the hedge row at our home ground.

We have purchased new spring loaded Corner posts and a Club sign will be put up imminently on the Club House and we are hoping to have a sign put on the main road too, all subject to Road traffic sign application being granted.

We are hoping to take on a few more players across the age groups to help bolster our plight for a successful season a head.

So please get sharing any posts on Facebook and Instagram or if you know of anyone who may want to join just put them in touch please.

We also have opportunities for parents too, so if your willing to help on match days as Carpark attendant, Linesman or even interested in becoming a referee or Coach we can help get you qualified.

Don't forget these are all volunteer positions and we do it for free, so please keep helping the Managers and Coaches on match days, setting up and taking down of nets and Safety line, you have all helped so much in the past seasons and it is so welcomed more than you know.

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