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Fighting till the End

Today saw Phoenix take on Rothley Imps in the seasons finale and what a fantastic match it was too. End to end football on a blazing sunny morning.

The boys did have the edge on Rothley in playing the better football, but they were denied by the woodwork and several near misses time and time again. An unlucky penalty decision against us led to our defeat in the dying minutes.

However a fantastic free kick from Tom that was worthy of match of the days goal of the season. Defensively Cameron and Massimo played their hearts out and delivered some of the best defensive play this season.

Finn and Tom playing holding midfield positions ploughed the pressure on continously allowing us to control the majority of the midfield supporting our attacking midfielders.

AJ, Evan, Charlie and Osayd attacking midfielders all played some fantastic football showing how much their passing game and attacking prowess has improved. Although alone as the sole striker Dan twisted and turned and kept the defenders on their toes not knowing which way he would turn allowing midfielders to attack on goal.

Now I know people say that its the playing and taking part that counts. BUT honestly, today I can say the result really didn't matter, today I saw 10 young boys playing as a team, showing me how far they have come. They complemented, supported and helped each other to play lovely football. The camaraderie was rife which showed in their play and in our team talks.

The reason why I am so pleased is not only for the above comments but also the fact that a lot of the teams we play against have big squads to draw on for their bank of players, they play the strongest players they can field of equal levels.

We however, have mixed ability players and a squad of 11. But most importantly we play as a team that work together to be the best they can be. The boys have still performed brilliantly all season and have a track record that will only improve going forward to next season.

It is nice to hear from other managers that we are the team they want to compete against the most.

Considering Covid has led to a start stop season we have still done well coming in second in the League, it's a big thing and I really do believe we will do better next season as we advance to 11 aside format of play.

Well done boys I am always humbled by you all. Thankyou for a great year in the midst of all the suffering, you have made it that much better to look forward to training and playing Football.

Can't wait for our Funday Awards and parent match on 28th August.

P.s. big thanks to Dave and Matt for running the line ( and Danny whos ran it all season).

Also Shawn for being my voice on the touchline today, you have all been a great help.

Of course one has to mention you wonderfull parents for all your support.

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