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Galactico's battle for a win

A bit late this post but I must admit I fealt privileged to watch these boys play on Sunday at Home to Anstey Nomads.

Galactico's got off to a great start within minutes, the boys did some lovely two touch football breaking on the left from Martino and switching play to Luca on the right to find a beautiful through ball to Isaiah scoring a belter of a goal into the top right corner.

Shortly after kick off Anstey launched a break through the middle scoring a goal just passed the fingertips of Hamed, who is standing in as goalkeeper as our regular goalkeeper has a broken wrist.

10 minutes later a great ball from Elijah played up to Abbas breaking through the centre with a lovely pass forward to find Isaiah for his second of the match.

Just in the last minute of the first half Muhammed was on the run of his life, collecting the ball from a tackle he made deep inside our half, he dribled by 5 different players to find himself one on one with the goalkeeper and just toe poking it to the right bottom corner, what an amazing goal!

Half time came and we were riding the 3-1 comfortably, totally controlling the midfield and having a solid defence. Elijah, George, Mikaael Muhammed and Ollie all were solid in defence barely letting anyone through standing firm and solid.

Our Midfielders of Martino, Abbas and Luca where outstanding in closing down play and making fast breaks forward.

Resident striker Isaiah worked hard and showed he could battle with the best of them.

Anyway I digress, 17 mins into the second half Anstey battled there way to another goal. Now our boys where determined for a secure victory found themselves attacking and dominating play to eventually find a through ball from George to Abbass with a gentle touch into the stride of Isaiah clenching himself a Hatrick to give us a secure 4-2 win.

Great fighting spirit in these boys and they showed some lovely play on the counter attack. Great midfield work on forcing play. Defensively outstanding holding position and keeping a tight line.

Well done boys fantastic performance and I cant wait to watch you play again.

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