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Under 13's Training WK 4

Each week a training preview will be available to watch or read usually no more than 5 to 10 mins long please set aside time to complete/view the work set. This will help get training sessions underway quicker, so less time will be wasted instructing on how each session works. plus this will allow us to get a fun game in at the end of the training session. please complete your name and send section at bottom of page. Any questions send them accross to me so I can give you an answer at training before the session begins. All questions are private and only team coach will have access to them.
Failure to complete first time will result in Extra running laps (10mins).
Failure to complete second time will be Running laps (10 mins) and tell your parents.
Failure to complete a third time will be a Match Day Ban.

Midfield and Forwards

Video 1

Video 2


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3 All

This weeks session is as follows:


  1. one/two touch football

  2. Weight of pass

  3. Movement off the ball

  4. Readiness for the ball

  5. Move towards the ball

  6. Stay on your feet as long as you can to slow the attack and allow cover

  7. Squeeze in behind advancing defender to narrow your lines

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